Why are You Waiting?

The chances are high that you are waiting to do something. You have been debating internally. You are weighing the pros and cons. The costs are being counted. It is a frequent topic of conversation. You replay every possible scenario in your head.

And yet, you wait.

So often I speak with people who describe their season of waiting to me about things for which they should not wait. They wait to visit that parent and offer forgiveness for the hurts of their youth. They wait to go to counseling to heal their marriage. They wait to have a conversation with their child about their destructive behavior. They wait to make that change.

The list of excuses is long. The timing was not right. The topic did not come up. I am afraid it will do more harm than good. There is an endless list of reasons you have not done it and might never do it.

What would happen today if you stopped waiting for the right moment and situation and made it happen?

Sure, it might not go the way you hope, but at least the anxiety of unknown results will be gone. You will start a conversation and actually know how it ends, giving you something on which to build. You will have detailed knowledge of what you have replayed in your head a thousand times.

Who knows, it might go far better than you imagined. You might bring an end to an ugly chapter of your life. You might find healing for your soul and relationships. Things might end up far better than you ever imagined.

One thing is for sure; you will never resolve your issues if you keep waiting.

Make today a day of action. Pick up the phone and make the call. Stop by their house and have the conversation. Stop waiting and do something.

Your action today is the key to a better tomorrow.

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