When I am Sick and Tired of People

Those people who know me the most understand my introvert nature. I am not a “people person,” even though I lead a Church. That is not to say that I don’t care about people. I do very much, and I spend my days trying to help them in any way I am able. For me, God has gifted me to speak his truth, and that is the best thing I can do. Ministry is about more than preaching and trying to help people; it is about connecting to them in a profound and meaningful way.

Unfortunately, there are times where I have had my fill of people. I get on edge and respond angrily to those I encounter. My patience is thin, and my words are sharp. So what actions do I take when I am getting sick and tired of people?

  1. Pray. I specifically ask God to help my heart and my attitude. Through the years, I have felt his hand of guidance and mercy in ways that are complicated to explain. I simply know God has helped me in my struggle with people.
  2. Read Specific Scripture. For me, this is about rereading those “one another” passages found in the Bible. I need to be continually reminded that God wants me to be a part of loving one another, encouraging one another and serving one another.
  3. Time Away. Sometimes I need to move away from people for a period. This may be a weeklong vacation or a couple of hours on the lake. These occasions away give me time to refresh and relax.
  4. Find Specific People. While a crowd drains me, there are specific people who fill my tank. Some of these people have no idea how much their words, spirit, and companionship mean to me.
  5. Focus on the Good. The more people frustrate me, the more I must continually focus my attention on the good that they bring to my world. The glass truly is half full, and even difficult people are teaching me to be more like Jesus.

These are the primary ways that I recharge my battery when people are slowly draining it. If I do not pay attention to my attitude and work to improve it, I can hurt my witness for Jesus.

Is there anything you would add to my list? What helps you be a better people person? I know it is a struggle for me, but by the grace of God, my life continues to be blessed by people. I hope yours is today too.

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