Tension in Prayer

I will admit that it is hard to pray for people I do not know and situations of which I have no clue.  A prayer request pops up as an email on my computer screen or social media, and I set there for a minute thinking about it.  The temptation is to do one of a few things in this situation.  One, delete the message and let someone closer to this concern pray for them.  Two, type a response of “praying,” and then go back to work.  Three, go before God and ask him to work in this mystery situation with this unknown person. 

At moments like this, I notice a tension in prayer that exists, at least for me.  Are my prayers born out of a love for the person or a belief in the power of God? 

Sure, it is easier to lift up the requests of others to God when we know the details.  This is especially true if we are close to those involved.  When my mom needs prayer, I will pour out my heart in intimate moments with God.  I love her, and I want the best for her in every way.  But I must ask myself, “Does God’s power change when I know the person?”

I believe sincere prayer is born out of a belief in an Almighty God.  He is the creator, sustainer, healer and will work with power and grace for his people.

This morning several requests from the weekend at flowing across my screen, and here I sit.  These are the moments when it is revealed if I am a person of faith or just kindhearted toward the people I know. 

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