A Strategy for Growth in Your Faith

What is yours?

You need one. Everyone does.

I am not here to give you one, because the best one is the one that works for you. That might include getting up early, staying up late or skipping lunch to provide time in some form of Bible study. The kind of the study may range from listening to a podcast, reading a devotional, to just walking through the Bible a chapter at a time. Your journey through the Bible might just be the New Testament or the whole Bible or some type of hybrid daily plan. You can read it or listen to it if reading is not your thing.

It doesn’t matter how you do it; you must try something.

There will be a lot of dead ends and failed plans, but each one will lead you closer to something that does work.

One of the founding fathers of our movement of Churches used to keep a bucket of ice water beside the table where he spent time in his study. Every time he started to nod off, he would dip his head in the icy water and go back to reading with his eyes wide open. It’s not my thing, but it worked for him.

The flip side of this idea is worth noting. You will never grow without a plan. You will never back your way into spiritual maturity. It takes work, and the work needs a plan.

Your spiritual growth problem is your fault. Own it. Then find a way to work around your setbacks. Develop a new strategy and move on. A lack of maturity in your faith can usually be traced back to a lack of planning, not a lack of tools.

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