Throwing Gospel Rocks in a Puddle

I spent time last week at a conference put together by the Rural Matters Institute. Two days were spent exploring the call to rural communities and the ministry that happens there. I filled about eight pages with notes that I have been processing information since my return. One of the most challenging things I heard was in the form of an analogy.

One preacher compared serving Jesus in a small town to throwing rocks. Imagine your life represents the rock of the gospel. Now, if you take that rock and throw it into Lake Michigan, it will make a splash, but because of the size of the lake, it will have a minimal effect. However, if I take that same rock and throw it into a small puddle, it will make a considerable splash sending water all directions. Take a handful of stones, and you can fill in the entire puddle.

If you understand your life as a rock, then the water represents your community. Your life will have an impact, no matter where you serve Jesus. In a large city, there will be less lasting impact than in a small community.

Many Christians, including myself, can feel like our life has little significance because we live in a small community rather than a large city. In big cities live power and influence. The truth is something different than you might expect. Because you live a small community, your life has more considerable influence on other people. A firm believer in a small town has the chance to change their whole community. A handful of believers can overwhelm their village with the love of Jesus.

I often need to be reminded that my life and your life has a more significant impact for the kingdom of God than we imagine. This is true even in a small community, maybe especially here.

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