Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again

It has been said that the best definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different result. It’s crazy to keep trying the same approach to anything with no success.

Recently, I noticed that the definition of success is very similar to that of insanity. Success is found in doing the same thing over and over again to formulate a different result. For example, to become fit, you must exercise every day. If you would like to gain knowledge, it requires reading and learning every single day.

The difference is not about how you do things as much as it is about the results you are achieving. If you are not improving, then you probably need to stop something or start something new. If you are moving in the right direction, then keep going. Keep doing the right thing over and over, even if it looks crazy to some people.

For a believer, the ultimate question is, “Are my actions bringing me closer to God and his will for my life?” If the answer is yes, good work. If not, then stop it.

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