No More Need for Christian Consultants

When I launched a new Church many years ago, I began by hiring a consultant to come to our location, do an analysis, and give me ideas to help us get started correctly. My newly hired associate hated the idea. This staff member came from the business world, and his experience with consultants was never positive. He explained to me that usually, a consultant was a person with all kinds of ideas about how things should be done, with little personal knowledge. Those who did have experience left the competitive business world years before for the security of a consulting business.

Recently I heard a preacher use a two-minute illustration that reminded me of that exact experience. He said, “the Church has no more need for Christian consultants.” Then he further explained, “You know what I am talking about? People with lots of ideas for everyone else to do, but little personal experience.” Immediately all those words from my associate filled my mind.

Consultants may have a place in the world, but their usefulness is limited. And yet, I have encountered numerous people who feel their God-given call is to be a Christian consultant. They no longer work in sales or development; instead, they fill their heads with ideas, and they enjoy telling other people what to do.

The Church needs disciples. It needs people who are fully devoted Christ-followers. It needs servants and shepherds. The Church has many needs, but it does not need more people whose idea of faith is merely telling other people what they can do better without doing it themselves. So before you instruct someone else on how they should live in faith, ask yourself, “Am I speaking from personal experience or being a consultant?”

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