My Letter of Resignation

After careful consideration, I have decided that it is time for me to resign. No, I do not mean at the Church I lead. This is bigger. I have decided that I no longer want to be in charge of the world. Last night as I lie in bed, I thought I should probably make my resignation official. I should let everyone know that God is in charge again, and I will work for him.

The Church I lead is going to have to place all their trust entirely in Jesus. I try my best to lead, but I have so many blind spots and personal issues. Many times, I make a mess when I intended to make things better. This also means that people will have to trust in Jesus to make their life make sense and not me. He will be the one to hold their marriages together, to lead their family, and to guide people in the ways of faith. I am too small and foolish for anyone to place their trust in me.

This also means I am not in charge of the decisions that other people make. I have no authority to make people act the way I desire, and I am going to stop trying to make them. While letting them have free will is a risky move, ultimately, everyone will answer to God and not me. Everyone will have to follow the leadership of God’s word and will and not mine.

I will say that my time in control has been exhausting. I worried, fretted, lost sleep, and was filled with anxiety. The weight of the world is crushing. In my soul, I want everyone to have a mature faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but the pressure of making it happen was killing me. Therefore, I need to resign and let our God reign.

Effective immediately, I am letting go of the reigns. My last official action will be to suggest you do the same. My desk will be open if you have a letter to drop off too. Finally, I will be having a meeting on Sunday morning for all those who are no longer employed and would like to meet the new boss.

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