What is the Trajectory of Your Life?

Trajectory is defined as the direction an object takes under a given set of forces. We usually think of trajectory when it comes to missiles, bullets, and arrows. It is an equally good word to use in a discussion of your life. What is the trajectory your life is taking under the current forces working on it?

  1. What is the trajectory of your faith? If you keep doing when you are doing right now, where will your faith end up in 10, 20, or 30 years? Will you have made a more significant impact on the world for God or be less of a factor? Will you be following Jesus more closely or be further away?
  2. What is the trajectory of your marriage? If you are to continue living with your spouse the same way you do today, where will your marriage be in the future? Will you be more deeply committed or divorced?
  3. What is the trajectory of your parenting? Will you have well-behaved Christ-followers who bring honor to their God and their parents in the future? Will you have children whom you must bail out of situations as they are only concerned for themselves?

Maybe these are not the most applicable to you, so you will need to fill in your own area. It can be your relationships with your parents, friends, coworkers, or anyone significant.

Where is your life headed? What path are you on in your faith, relationships, and every other area?

We tend to lie to ourselves and create some fictitious barriers. We tell ourselves that when the kids get past the toddler phase, everything will be better. When the children are no longer teens, everything will improve. We think that when we have more time, more money and are finally able to retire, life will be beautiful. Then we get there, and it is not what we thought.

Those factors are not what is keeping you from a closer walk with God, an intimate marriage or fantastic relationships. What is keeping you from those things are the decisions you make every day. You don’t wake up one day with deep faith; you make decisions day after day to move closer to your goal. You don’t magically have a great marriage when the kids are gone. It is the result of the work you do to talk, communicate, and connect now. Your relationship with your kids doesn’t improve the day they reach a certain age. It is the result of little deposits of time today, tomorrow, and every day into the future.

Your life is either on track to hit your goals or miss them. The coordinates are set. Your life is flying that direction. Are you happy with the ultimate destination? If not, today could be the first day of the life of which you have always dreamed. Make the adjustments necessary and change the trajectory before you hit your mark.

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