The Value of Art and You

Through the years, all our sons have surprised us as parents in one way or another with their artistic ability. They have been able to draw and create things we never imagined. One of my son’s pieces is currently on display, and he had the opportunity to sell it for a charity fundraising project. This new idea has me thinking about the value of art.

Art is inexpensive for one of two reasons. First, it is made by someone who lacks skills, and so the piece has little value. Second, the piece is mass-produced. A great artist made something, and then it was reproduced over and over until the value was gone. The original may still have great worth, but the copies do not. Great artwork with a high value is that which is made by skilled hands and is one of a kind.

By that definition, your life has infinite value. First, you are made by the hands of a skilled creator. He has immense knowledge and the ability to do precise and extraordinary work. Second, you are an original. You were knit together in your mother’s womb. You were given unique DNA, eyes, fingerprints, and even one of a kind ears. You are an original work made by a master artist.

The next time you stand in front of a cheap piece of art at the store. Remind yourself that it is not a mirror. Your life has all the features of something of enormous value.

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