Joys of this season

Over the next couple of weeks, I have asked some of the people in our Church to write some articles for me.

Todays is written by one of my elders, Don Arndt.

This time of the year we start singing songs about joy, hearing sermon’s dealing with joy, and sharing with our families the joy of simply being together and celebrating Jesus. Being an Elder for many years, I have been blessed with Christian joy so much and all through the year, not just during this time where we are focused on the birth of our savior. Being an Elder has always been a very humbling experience but brought with it countless times of great happiness and fulfillment.
I think my very favorite times is when someone asks me either to pray for them or with them. Many times, it is written how much God wants us to pray and the joy He feels when we pray and recognize His Glory, His Power, and His love for us. In Revelation 5:8, we read where the 24 Elders are holding bowls of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. So, when we pray now, I think that God enjoys the sweet smell of our prayers.
Of course, there is great joy in simply being a Christian, but I find my joy in meeting with the other Elders and Pastor for a time of prayer together. I find great pleasure in seeing the kids in our Church attending our wonderful youth and children’s programs and knowing they are learning the good news.
I do have disappointments and sorry times being an Elder. Mostly that is when someone leaves the Church, or worse, leaves the faith. I always wonder if I did something to cause them to leave or if I didn’t do something I should have that caused them to leave. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen often.
Joy? Sure, there is much joy this time of year, but for me, there is joy every day also.

Merry Christmas and have a Joyful new year

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