Core 52 and You

Today I am going to step out of my usual routine of writing and tell everyone about an exciting thing going on in the Church I lead.  Today we are starting a program called Core 52.  This is a one-year journey to improve your knowledge of the Bible.  Along the way, we will read a book together, watch videos about Biblical topics, memorize scripture and hopefully begin to see the big picture of the Bible. 

There are multiple levels of connection that are available at Adrian Christian Church.

  1. The first thing you need is a book.  [I have them in the Church office, or they are available for purchase on Amazon HERE] Honestly, this is the only thing some of you will need besides your Bible.  At the end of the chapter is a checklist of what you are to have completed that week.  Let it be your guide every week of this program.
  2. The second level of participation is there the  First, you will need to go into the upper right-hand corner and register.  Once registered, you will need to login for each use.  Second, once you are into the site, click on the “view lesson” button with the corresponding week of the program.  There is a video for day one and day two.  The first one is about five minutes long and is for the first day of the week.  The second one is to help you memorize the scripture for the week.  The rest of the lessons on the site are the scriptures for you to read in the English Standard Version of the Bible. 
  3. Our Church has put together a Facebook group to help encourage you on this journey.  This group is strictly by invitation of two of the administrators.  We want to make sure this is for people who are reading the book and are at least a little connected to Adrian Christian Church. Many people you know are involved, but many are not.  Also note, this is not a prayer request group or a social site.  This is for the material in Core 52 only.  The Church has its Facebook page for other things.  Finally, I (the Pastor) reserve the right to delete any posts I feel are unchristian, highly negative, mean, unbiblical, highly controversial, degrading, or demeaning to anyone. (If you would like to be a part of this group message me through Facebook)  
  4. Currently, I am planning a bi-monthly meeting between worship programs at ACC to encourage the participants and keep this program alive for the entire year.  These are not required, but you may find these meetings helpful on your journey. 

Thanks to everyone who is participating, and may God bless you as you learn more about him and his word in 2020.   

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