Star Wars and the Christian Faith

Don’t worry, this is not a movie review or some heretical piece about how “the force” is like faith in Jesus. No, this is a simple observation.

The latest Star Wars movie came out before Christmas, and my family decided to see it together. My wife, out of her devotion to us, watched all the previous eight films in the series so that she could understand the show (She skipped Solo and fell asleep while watching Rogue One).

Finally, my vacation started, and we all loaded in the van and went to the theater. While I was watching the show, something dawned on me that I had never noticed before. In every movie, the Resistance that is portrayed as the good guys, are always in the minority. Palpatine and Vader can always summon thousands upon thousands to the dark side. Those who fight against oppression for the cause of freedom are always just a handful of people. They are always desperately outnumbered, lack the latest tools, and seem weak to those who observe them. The people on the side of good are a handful of true believers in the cause for which they fight.

This truth is found in the story of the people of the Christian faith. Small is the number of those who work for good. Darkness has legions, and they seem to have the power to do anything they desire – there a just a brave few who stand against evil. Courage is standing with those few other people fighting for what you believe matters.

The flip side of this tale is equally compelling. The good guys always win. Sure, they don’t win every battle, but they succeed when it matters. The power of a few true believers is still stronger than the forces of evil.

While the movie played, I could not help but find some encouragement. If you have ever felt alone in your faith, know that there are a handful of us fighting beside you. We may not seem like the most significant or strongest army, but by the power of God, we will win. We, the people of the real resistance must keep fighting the good fight and the goodness of God rule in the end.

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