Before I Forget to Tell You

I keep scraps of paper with notes everywhere. They fill my pockets, the top of my dresser and the bag in which I carry my computer. I have this tendency to forget things, so I make notes to help me overcome that flaw.

Today I have a few little pieces of information I want to share with you before I forget.

You are created in the image of God.
You were made unique in his creation.
Before you gave God much thought, he sent his son to save you from your mistakes.
When you wandered lost and alone, God was searching for you, hoping you would come home.
That moment when you feel unloved, God loved you so much he sent his son for you.
You can have a new future in Jesus. Your past can be forgiven, and your life changed.
You can let go of your guilt, regrets, and shame in the name of Jesus.
You are dearly loved, and God has a place for you in his family.
Your life has infinite value and worth to God and his people.

Some days life can be overwhelming. You can hurt and experience struggles you never imagined possible. The sad result is that you might feel like giving up. You may never have told anyone this about yourself, so you carry your pain quietly. I want you to know that God stands waiting for you to come home with open arms. Quite possibly, you have wandered away again, and you do not think he is still interested in you. Come home again. He is waiting for you.

Sometimes I get busy, and I forget to tell you how much value your life possesses. So today, before I forget, I want you to know the truth about your life.

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