Reasons to Try A New Seat This Sunday

I am a creature of habit. I eat the same things, wear the same things, and when it comes to Sunday morning, I like to sit in the same place. Likely, you do too.

Last week, as part of a joke, a family in our church came up to sit with me on the front row. They are the first people ever to do that, and it was nice to have people beside me. This got me thinking about why it is a good practice to sit in different places around the worship auditorium on Sunday.

  1. It will make the Church more guest friendly. When you sit in different seats, then no one area becomes your territory. If you walk into worship and someone is setting where you might typically sit, it is not a big deal.
  2. Moving helps you to meet more people. Since all of us naturally gravitate to the same general areas, a move across the room might enable you to meet some new people.
  3. It gives you a different perspective. When you sit somewhere new, your eyes will be opened to new things. I know this is very true in our Church building. The sound is different in various places around the auditorium. The view is unique from each location. Different seats help you to visualize what other people see each week.
  4. It will make change a regular part of your worship. Once you start sitting in the same chair every week, then you are going to want the same order of worship, the same songs and the same people on the stage. Moving seats starts you on a path of continual change. Frequent small changes will help you handle the significant changes when they come, and they are coming.

This Sunday, when you walk into worship, how about trying a different seat than usual. You never know, it might change your perspective and even make you a new friend.

One thought on “Reasons to Try A New Seat This Sunday

  1. Are you going to allow us an extra five minutes to find a spot and adapt? Maybe even have to explain why I’ve taken someone’s spot that they’ve claimed for past five years.lolThis is a great idea that might change into musical chairs. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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