Some of the Best Decisions of My Life

Today marks the 17,532nd day of my life. One date calculator says I have spent an estimated total of 5,840 of those days asleep. It seems like wasted time, but I know all of us need rest. Setting that aside, I wonder what I have done with those remaining days. What are the decisions that have moved me to this point in my life?

There are obviously three answers that you might expect me to say were the most significant. The accepting of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, marrying my wife and the decisions to have four children, would all be the top answers. What else has made an impact on my life over these days? Here are a few answers that I hope inspire and encourage you.

  1. Daily Routines. Twelve years ago, I made a commitment to spend time in prayer and Bible reading no less than five days a week. I also decided to tell my wife every day that I love her. On top of that, I write blogs five days a week. These few daily routines have done more to mold my life, thinking and emotions than anything else.
  2. I Left Busyness Behind. In the same time frame as above, I realized that a hectic pace of life, crowded schedule and long hours of work were killing my family and me. So, I decided to block out days off, keep evenings free, say no to some activities, and have a less busy schedule. This has allowed me time to think, connect with the people I love and be far less stressed. My days are full, but my life is not busy.
  3. Taking Care of Dad. For 18 months, I drove almost nine hours one way to help my dad. I made 16 trips during that time; I would not trade a minute for all the gold in the world.
  4. Letting Go of Sports. My children love sports. They played basketball, football, and a little baseball. We used to dream of scholarships and careers in one of these areas. After seeing the truth about sports five years ago, my wife and I decided to take a different approach. Sports are for fun and nothing more. No more travel ball, long hours at the gym or wasted time and money trying to make our life about a game.
  5. Keeping the Faith. Three times in my life, I have thought about giving up on God. I could have packed up my Bible, books and walked away for good. It would have been easy to do, and no one would have blamed me. In fact, it might have been what people expected. But I didn’t quit. I fought through the hurt, shame, and anger to come out a better person. I am far happier about my faith today than any other point in my life. I have people who care and support me while maintaining love in my home.

These are some of the best decisions I have made during my days on earth. I have spent a significant amount of time thinking about these this week. I wrote a list, and some items did not make the cut. Is there anything you would add to my list? What about your list? As you look back over your life, it is easy to see the big mistakes, but what about the positive choices. I thank God that I made these, and I pray that your life is guided by some good decisions as well.

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