What God is Doing

There are some compelling stories about what God has done in the past. You can read the pages of the Bible and see God’s mighty works of power from the Red Sea to the resurrection. Then you have those stories handed down to you by your Church. Tales about how people worked to form the Church you attend, how they were able to erect a building, and obstacles they have overcome to serve the Lord today. They also come to us from our family. Your parents have told you about the grandparents moving to America, and God continually provided. Even the story of your parents meeting and falling in love has his fingerprints all over it.

God has done many mighty things, and maybe you even have stories of this from your life too. You look back and see that God showed up to direct your life, help you through a difficult season, and keep you moving closer to him. I really do hope you have a few stories from your faith journey that can only be explained by his supernatural working. I pray God has been guiding your life from its beginning.

My other hope is that you have stories about what IS doing. These are not anecdotes from the past but modern tales of his power and might working in the present moment. This one can be tougher to see because we do not have the perspective that comes with time. But I still believe if we look closely, we can see some of the things he is doing right now. He is present at this time in history, working in your life, your family, and your Church community.

It is always a good practice to look back and see what God has done, but it is equally important to open our eyes and look around at all that God is doing.

Possibly this is the most compelling when the road ahead looks dark. When we are not sure where we are going and how God is leading us, we need to remember that each step is still under his control. At this moment in time, I am not sure what the future holds, but I know God has been working and is working still.

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