When You Feel Like You Are Losing Control

Lately, it has seemed like I am losing control over everything.  My schedule is at the mercy of public officials and the decisions they make.  The choices of others are limiting my free time.  No more going to the movies, out to eat, casual shopping, or time with friends.  My money is being affected by stimulus decisions, the stock market, and the increased cost of everything.  My children’s lives have been thrown into chaos, and my wife and I are left to clean up the mess.  Even the Church I lead is having to cancel its Easter programs despite my best efforts.  Life is spinning out of control, and I have no way to slow it down. 

Does any of this sound familiar?  Each day brings a new set of changes and challenges.  None of these are things you would have planned, and you are definitely not prepared to happen.  What do you do when it feels like you have no control?

I supposed the most significant thing to do is realize you never had control from the beginning.  You only had the illusion that you were in charge and running the show.  God had allowed you the freedom to make decisions, but that did not give you complete and total control.  You were always at the mercy of the maker and sustainer of all things. 

One thing this virus should do for each person is to realize they have no control.  These current events have the power to drive us to God.  Just like a visit to the doctor can reveal our lack of control.  The same way a random accident reminds us, we have no control. Our lives right now are only showing what has always been true. We are in the hands of a merciful God who is working for his glory in all things. 

When you feel like you are losing control, you need to connect to the one who is running everything.  Only he can make sense of this time.  Only faith in him can give your life peace. Only our dependence on him will relieve our anxiety. 

The bad news is that you and I are not in control.   The good news is that one who is in control loves you and wants you to trust in him. Our faith in him will help us make sense of all of this one day.  

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