Obstacles or Opportunities

The world is changing. Every day things are being forced to adapt to the changing circumstances all around us. School plans have changed, along with work plans, Church schedules, and family time. Everything is changing, and we have very little control.

We have two choices in the days that lie ahead. We can see all these changes as obstacles that will keep us from accomplishing our hopes and dreams. We could also see them as opportunities to achieve things in unexpected ways.

You could see this as being trapped at home with your family or a chance to reconnect with your spouse and your children.

You could see this as a time where children will not receive the needed education they require, or an opportunity to get involved in their education in a new and exciting way.

You could see this time as a financial setback or possibly as a time to develop a budget that focuses on your priorities.

You could see this time as missing worship every week, or you could take each week to worship as a family and be the spiritual leader you have always dreamed you would be.

You can see this time as missing the Holy Week and Easter with your Church, or this could be a chance for you to share a sermon online with a person who would never walk into a Church building.

We are all experiencing the same struggles as spouses, parents, and believers. The difference is that some people will use this time as an opportunity for good to grow. Others will only see obstacles and miss the chances God is giving to us. The choice of which type of person you will be is strictly up to you.

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