Time to Reprioritize

Much has been taken away from all of us over the last few months. Both professional and youth sports are gone for now. No travel games or competition for teenagers of any kind are happening. Going to the movies is over. Around my area, they are closing parks and recreation areas. Many restaurants are closed or only doing curbside service. Recreational shopping is no longer occurring. The list of things you cannot do right now is far longer than the list of things you can do. We are supposed to be staying inside and practicing social distancing.

When things like this happen, and your life is suddenly freed from your hectic schedule, it is time to reprioritize. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your life and calendar and see if the activities in which you engage are worth your time. If it can be removed in an instant, is it worth the valuable minutes of your life?

Make a list of essential things. The things that you cannot give up at a moment’s notice. Your faith, your family, your spouse, your friends, and your health will quickly rise to the top of the list. Maybe this break could be a time God has given you to overhaul the priority system of your life completely.

One day all the things that distract you will open for business again. There will be this temptation to go back to your regular habits and activities. My prayer is that you will not waste this experience as merely a time of rest before you jump into your same old schedule. Hopefully, your life after this is over will be filled with the important things that truly make this life worth living.

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