Maundy Thursday Revisited

Several times through the years, I have written about this day being Maundy Thursday. I want to revisit that topic today.

The Thursday of the Holy Week before Easter is known as “Maundy” Thursday. Depending on your Church background, this might be a familiar name, or it might be something you have never heard before today. Here is my textbook explanation:

“Maundy Thursday is observed during Holy Week on the Thursday before Easter. It commemorates the Last Supper when Jesus shared the Passover meal with his disciples on the night before he was crucified. In contrast to joyful Easter celebrations, when Christians worship their resurrected Savior, Maundy Thursday services are typically more solemn occasions, marked by the shadow of Jesus’ betrayal.”

The follow-up question is usually, “But what does ‘Maundy’ mean?”  I looked it up and thought you might like the answer as well:

“Derived from the Latin word mandatum, meaning “commandment,” Maundy refers to the commands Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper: to love with humility by serving one another (foot-washing) and to remember his sacrifice through communion or Eucharist.”

Today is Maundy Thursday at it is the day we think about Jesus washing the disciple’s feet, sharing the last supper, and the sacrifice is about to make on Friday. I hope you take a few minutes today to reflect and meditate on the events from so many years ago.   May this evening be a time in which you can connect with God in a deep and meaningful way. 

Tomorrow is already looking “Good.”

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