Do Not Miss the Point

Scrolling through social media, I see pictures of families putting together puzzles, going on hikes, playing games, and fishing together. Often, they post photos that demonstrate how proud they are of their achievements. I want to pause for a moment and ask you not to miss the point.

May the goal of our lives never be accomplishing tasks off our to-do list. Instead, I hope you use your moments to connect with other people in meaningful ways.

It is not who wins the board games, but the time you spent together.
It is not the puzzle you assembled with your kids, but the conversation while searching for pieces.
It is not the fish you catch; it is the memories made with people.
It is not the vacation and the places you have seen, but the people with which you see them.
It is not about the trophies earned at the sporting event, but the time of celebration with those who love and support you.
It is not even about your team winning the big game but connecting to people of like mind.

Every day presents you with opportunities for new experiences and achievements, what makes those precious is the joy of doing it with other people. We were created for community. We are relational beings. The point is not to spend your life alone accomplishing great things but to enjoy this life with people and find joy both with and in them.

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