When the Walls Come Down

Most people are guarded emotionally. One challenge for a believer is to let their guard down and allow a few people into their souls. There must be a willingness to share our past struggles, our present issues, and some of the craziness that goes on inside of our heads. Otherwise, all relationships in your life will be surface level and lack the depth you need to grow and mature as a person and a believer.

Here is the flip side to this truth: The more you share of yourself, the more people will feel connected to you as well. Now, everyone knows that one person who shares everything immediately, and we usually avoid them because they are emotionally draining. That is not what I am writing about today. I am telling you that when you get to know someone, you must be willing to share your life with them entirely to have a healthy relationship.

Think about the people you are closest to in your life. Do they know more about your personal issues or less? Are they people who have heard your crazy stories or people who only know the happy ones? Have these people listened to you share your emotions or been kept at arm’s length? Are they the people who know you have failed miserably or those who only know your victories in life?

The people with whom we connect our lives the most are those with which we share the most. It bonds us to them and them to us. When the walls come down in our lives, there is an open opportunity to develop the kind of relationships we need and our hearts long for with each season.

Sure, there is a risk in being vulnerable whenever you drop your guard. The pain of betrayal can hurt, but it will not hurt as much as keeping the walls up and people out of your life. The challenge for today and this week is not to keep from being hurt; it is to keep from becoming cold and guarded. Following Jesus includes sharing your life and pain, not avoiding it.

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