Say Something About That

My pastor groups on social media exploded with posts.  In the past ten days, the events in the United States have prompted many preachers to say something about the headlines they are reading.  Yet, I remain silent on the issues, even in private conversations.  Why? A person might wonder.  It seems like this is the time to address this issue, so I have to say something.

I have specific reasons I do not do “current issue” preaching, speaking, or writing very often.   

One, we do not know the whole story.  Often, we only know what the media is reporting, and over recent years it has become clear that media sources are incredibly biased.  It is easy to stand up and say, “this happened, and that happened” and be completely wrong.  Most of the time, there is a back story, ignored activity, and poor research. 

Two, everything I say about Jesus is a statement about the current state of affairs.  When people come to follow the way of Jesus, they will love one another, pray for their enemies, turn the other cheek, give up all anger, rage, bitterness, and slander.  Everyone who comes to be Jesus disciple will find a new life as a new creation with a unique point of view.  Calling people to follow him is a political statement as he forms his kingdom on earth. 

Finally, I do not have to say something about everything.  My calling is to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus and disciple them in his ways.  Think of all the things Jesus did not teach his followers.  He said nothing about governmental policies, Roman oppression, slavery, and the liberal leadership.  He spoke to individuals to help them change their hearts.  When their heart was right, the appropriate actions will follow.   Not sure why everyone has to have strong opinions on everything. 

I guess that the people in your world are asking you, “What do you have to say about that current issue?”  It is fine to say, “I am keeping my opinion to myself.”  The world needs more totally committed Christ-followers and less of us talking ourselves to death. 

One thought on “Say Something About That

  1. I understand and appreciate your desire to not be too reactionary with your sermon topics. I agree that teaching the way of Jesus should be sufficient to guide believers. But do you think there have been times in our history when the church remained quiet when that was the wrong thing to do? I’m thinking specifically of the move to abolish slavery and the civil rights movements of the past. Good Christian folks knew the way of Jesus but somehow missed the connection between His way and the waywardness of their actions during those times. I don’t know if the current Black Lives Matter movement is a time when we’ll look back and wish the white church had said or done more, but I think it’s important that the church step up in those moments. Is there a time when the church should take a stand on social issues?

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