No Lesson to Learn

There were two types of televisions shows I watched in my younger days. One was a half-hour tale of difficulty and overcoming it with a nice little point all wrapped up at the end. We start with some sort of issues, and the characters try to find solutions, often leading to funny adventures. Finally, the conflict is resolved, and all is well once again.

The other type of show was Seinfeld. It hailed itself as a show about nothing. There was a half-hour of laughs and life observations that might or might not have a point. The show was about laughter more than a lesson.

Many times, we need to realize that life has scenes like a Seinfeld episode. We like to see everything we experience as having some sort of grand point with a meaningful lesson to learn. Partly I think we are conditioned to this type of thinking through the shows we watch along with the movies and books that we expose ourselves too. Most of the material that goes into our brains gives us grand lessons and moralistic points.

The Bible frequently tells us stories that seem to have no real message for us. Flip through the pages of the Old Testament for a few minutes, and you will begin to see it. In the middle of the Joseph story in Genesis, we stop in chapter 38 to tell us about Judah and Tamar (read it). What is that about? Read about the judges and the prophets and tell me if every story has some deep spiritual meaning. Maybe I am a shallow person, but I think these accounts just tell us what happened. Sometimes there is a lesson, and sometimes there is not.

I am going to give you the strangest encouragement you are ever going to hear a preacher give. Sometimes in life, just make through your current situation and move on to the next thing. Don’t overanalyze the experience and try to assign some special meaning. Maybe one day, God will reveal something that was part of a grand design, but then again, perhaps not.

God is growing your soul and making you more like Jesus throughout your life’s journey. Don’t be disappointed if every encounter is not a grand lesson. You are human, and some things in life have no point. Just get through it and move on to what God is doing next.

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