In Praise of Godly People

The news headlines are always full of adverse events taking place in this world. The side effect of this reality is that people tend to look for and talk about the negative in every situation. As the followers of Jesus, we are put our emphasis on what is good, noble, pure, and Godly. So today, I want to praise the work of the people of God.

In the past week of my life, I have seen several examples of faith in action. I have watched people volunteer their time to work in a high school baccalaureate program who didn’t have a family member graduating. There have been people who donated their time to clean the building before and after this program. I have also been a part of a group of believers who took their time to distribute food that was donated. They spent time in the hot sun loading up boxes for anyone who wanted them. There have been total strangers to me, come and speak to me like old friends simply because we both follow Jesus. A group of men willing gave of themselves to serve in a local community organization to have an impact on the young men in our town. A large number of individuals volunteered their time to make Sunday morning happen again. They watched children, used their gifts of music, stood up to speak publicly, and served others unselfishly. Even this morning, I have been contacted about putting a meal together for a family during a difficult time. These are just a portion of the stories I have experienced over the last nine days.

One of the blessings of being part of a community of believers called the Church is not just that you reap the benefits of others serving; it is that you get to be inspired by their service. In a world of selfish, godless people doing acts of unspeakable evil, there is still a group of people who are doing things for the glory of God. Open your eyes and see those events, and your life and faith will be more joyful as a result.

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