The Need for Consistency

Over the past five months, I have been in the process of getting back into shape. In the last ten years, I had let myself go, and I am trying to reduce my waistline. People have noticed the change, and it generates a lot of questions, with the most prominent being, “Are you sick?”

Well, no, I am not sick. I just committed to change. I take the commitment seriously. I spend over an hour at the track in the mornings and often return in the evening. What I have noticed during this time is a group of people I call “one-hit wonders.” These are people who show up at the track one morning or night and do a workout. Then I never see them again.

I like to imagine the context of this visit. One night they decide to make a change. They are going to get in shape, and this time they are serious. They rise early, get their water bottle, put on their new exercise clothes, and show up ready to conquer their world. After one morning, they are sore and tired. So that night they tell themselves, “Well, maybe every other day? You don’t want to overdo it.” With that, they never return to workout again.

This serves as an excellent analogy for most people’s spiritual life. They decide, often after a difficult situation, that life is going to change. They get a new Bible or Bible app and make a plan. The next day they rise early, sip coffee, read and pray. Then that night, they are tired and decide, “Well, maybe every other day?” With that, they never attempt a devotional time again.

My one piece of advice to anyone is to develop a consistent habit before you develop a thorough one. It is better to start with 5 minutes a day and do it every single day then a 30-minute session you will not repeat. Start small and do it daily, then over time, you can add and expand. Change in life comes through consistent routines, both physically and spiritually.

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