We Do Not Need to Reinvent Church

Since the shutdown and the onset of Covid-19 in the United States, I have been bombarded with emails, blog posts, social media rants, lectures and podcasts telling Church leaders that it is time for us to “re-invent” Church.

The idea is simple. The Church cannot remain in the same in a world where Covid-19 exists and is changing the American landscape of learning.

I guess my biggest problem with this statement is the definition they use for Church. I believe the Church is a community of Christ-followers. They claim Jesus as their Savior and join together weekly to encourage one another, share instruction from the Bible, fellowship, and serve together in the name of Jesus. If that is your definition, then nothing needs to change.

Sure, the methods about how we do these things might be altered, but the group itself remains the same. The Church is still the Church. We may no longer use buses to haul children to a Church building to learn; instead, we may not have a zoom meeting or offer a video. The goal is still the same. We are part of a Church to teach, learn, worship, connect, serve, and love. None of that has changed.

In fact, if anyone is offering you a new view on Church, then I am concerned that they may be a false teacher. The Church is still the community of Jesus, no matter how the times change.

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