New Chapters in Life

For many people, this is a random Tuesday with no special meaning. Here in the community where I live, it is the first day of the school year. At our house, that means my youngest son is starting his Senior year. We are beginning a new chapter in his book that will end with graduation from High School.

Humans like to have fresh starts. We enjoy the opportunity to lie a blank page in front of us and write the next chapter. We celebrate birthdays, school beginnings, and the first day of new adventures. We have New Year’s Day, new months, and Sunday every seven days to start a new week. These are moments when we can pause and start a fresh story that will bring us joy and glory to God.

Today you might not be sending your child off to their final year of school, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be special. What if today was the day you decided to make a change? What if this was the first day of a new life? What if you forgot the past and started writing a new chapter in your life today?

This could be the day you stop doing something destructive. Determine that you will not be angry about everything, or put down the bottle and takes steps to freedom. This could be the day you start doing something new. The exercise you have been putting off could start tonight. You could read your Bible and pray for the very first time. The possibilities are unlimited.

Some new chapters in life are forced on us while others we choose. Today is an excellent time to decide to change. In fact, there has never been a better time to become the person you have always wanted. Just mark the day and call it the first day of the rest of your life.

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