Being A Self Starter

Change cannot happen until you start something new. Repeating the same old behaviors will get you the same results.

There only two ways that these new beginnings happen, of which I am aware. One way they occur is through forced situations. A job loss, an injury, a doctor’s instruction or else, a spouse’s ultimatum are just a few of the ways we are forced into starting a new venture.

The other way that we come to new beginnings is through the power of the will. We decided deep within the recesses of our heart and soul that things are going to be different. These internally motivated changes are hard to capture and harder to explain.

One possible reason we have stopped attempting new projects is that we fear failure. Another reason is because we know that new things will make us uncomfortable for some time. Still, others push back from the conflict that will inevitably come with different actions. The result is that we keep repeating the same behaviors, even when we hate the results.

The challenge for every new day and every new month is to say deep within ourselves, “Today is the day that things are going to be different. Today is the day I am going to start a new chapter in my life.” Self-starting is difficult, but it is rewarding. The first step is to stop blaming others for your situation and believe you can take control of your future. I know God has a better future planned for you. As a believer, place your life in God’s hands, then step up and step out. The only thing holding you back is you.

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