The Pain of Putting Yourself Out There

Communicators bear the weight of putting their thoughts out into the world for others to read and hear.  It can be a TED talk, a blog post, a comedian, or even a pastor who shares their words with the world.  With each piece of material that is shared, there can be one of several reactions. 

Some people will hate it.  Critics abound.  Whenever you share something, there is sure to be someone who disagrees and those who can tell you a dozen ways you could have done it better.

Some people will ignore it.  There will be those who do not react to your words.  My favorite preacher described it as trying to change the world by throwing lightbulbs at a brick wall, hoping to knock it down. 

Some people will love it.  The message will be the right words that hit at just the right time.  Lives will be altered.  Hope will be given.  Comfort will wrap itself around them.  Joy will enter their world as a smile crosses their face.  Something will happen that is beyond explanation. 

I hate that some of the sermons I preach will flop.  It bothers me that my podcast only has a few dozen listeners.  Many days I feel like quitting my blog because the reaction is not what I hoped it would be.  It is painful to put yourself out there and be met with anger or apathy.  But I keep doing it because occasionally, a breakthrough happens, and the unexpected takes place.  Those moments are rare and beautiful gifts that keep me coming back. 

If you have ever considered sharing your thoughts with the world, know that it will not be all fun and glory.  It will take thousands of hours for a few minutes of joy.  Also, know that it is completely worth every minute.   

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