Losing Sight of My Goals

Today is the first day of fall, and it is time for a review of my year so far. Sadly, this year did not go the way I planned. There were two goals I had for this calendar year. Both started with the letter “P” and captured my struggles from the previous years.

My first goal was to be more positive. For me, the glass is usually half-empty, and a selfish person probably consumed the first half. I need to do much better in this area. My other goal was people. The plan was to spend time with people this year in every way possible. My wife and I were going to invite them into our home for meals and visiting. I was going to make connections with people every week before worrying about the worship program. Then there was going to be ball games, meals out, movies, and possibly board games.

I started the year off well. I smiled more, talked kindly, and went out of my way to spend time with people. I tried to have more joy in my life and be more optimistic with others. Each week I would walk around the church auditorium and with people and listen to what they had to say. The first quarter of the year was fantastic.

Like many people, Covid-19 destroyed my plans. Suddenly the world was falling apart, and all my worst fears were coming true. Church was canceled on Sunday morning, and the steamroller of tragic events kept moving forward. On top of that, everyone was instructed to social distance and move farther away from people rather than closer. So the next half of the year has been spent alone with my poor outlook on life.

Now we are three-quarters of the way through the year, and it is time to start over. Today is the time to reset my priorities, start working on my goals and seek to become more like Jesus. I could wait till January and start with the new year, but why waste another day? Today is the perfect time to throw away your guilt and start fresh.

This year may have knocked you off your plans and derailed your goals. Rather than delaying the life you want another few months, why not start today? Today is as good of a day as any to begin again.

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