I Was Just Thinking of You

A researcher says that one way to get people to like you is to say, “I was just thinking of you” when you greet someone.  Listen to how friendly this sounds, “Hey Matt.  It is so good to see you. I was just thinking about you.” 

It works even better if you can add something specific behind it.  If you can put one detail to a name, then your likeability immediately goes up.  It sounds so sweet, “Hey Matt.  It is so good to see you. I was just thinking about you the other day.  I remembered how much you like chocolate, and I saw this chocolate shop while I was out shopping.”

This technique touches on something all of us desire.  None of us want to be forgettable.  We long to be unforgettable.  This can be because of our unique style of clothing, our sharp wit, possibly our looks, maybe our intellect, or one of a hundred other things.  No one wants to blend into the faceless masses of people who walk by without ever being noticed. 

The lady who taught me this little lesson has a series of instructional videos on becoming better at dealing with people.  Since this is a weakness of mine, I listened intently and have saved her material to review again. 

While I was thinking about this, I received a card from a lady in our Church saying thank you for all the Church leadership, and I have done this year.  She appreciates the hard work it has taken to keep everything going in this odd year.  The card was an excellent way of saying, “I was thinking of you today.” My heart jumped for joy to know that she thought of her preacher on more than Sunday morning.  It was an encouragement to me and the work that I do in the Church. 

One challenge is to think good thoughts about other people.  When we do, the second step is for you to share those thoughts with other people.  Tell them you were thinking of them.  Write them a card, drop them an email, or send them a text.  Whenever you reach out to people and tell them you were on their mind, it encourages that person and brings both of you closer together.

A simple thought about someone is not much to offer.  A thought expressed to that person is a joyful gift that brightens everyone’s life.  

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