You Are Essential

This year has taught me to use the label “Essential Worker.” With the COVID-19 shutdowns and quarantines, some jobs have been called essential, and others are considered non-essential. 

I am glad we do not try to categorize people this way.  No matter what anyone has told you or how you feel about yourself:  you are essential.  Your life was created as a unique masterpiece from God’s hand, and you are his special gift to the world.  No one thinks, acts, works, speaks, or cares precisely as you do.  As a result, your life is essential to this world, particularly to a few people.  Your presence in their life blesses someone.  It might be a family member, neighbor, coworker, friend, or even someone you have never considered.  They look at your life and are encouraged, inspired, helped, and blessed.

Occasionally people have tried to tell me that their life does not matter to anyone.  In a difficult season, they felt alone and worthless.  To those few, I try to flip their thinking to the word “potential.” Just because you do not feel significant to someone now doesn’t mean you won’t one day be a blessing.  Perhaps God is moving you into the correct position so that you can make your move like a piece on a chessboard.  You could touch the life of someone you have never even met and change their life for the better. 

Sure, certain types of jobs are less important than others, but there are no non-essential people.  Each of us is given a part to play in this world, and your participation is critical to the overall plot.  Remember this when life gets hard, and you question your existence.  God made you for a purpose, and no one can take your place. 

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