Your Personal Journey with God

You and I are not perfect.  There is no arguing against that single truth.  The question is, “Are you better than you once were?” 

One goal for each of us to have on our journey with God is to be a better Christian than we were just a year ago.  There needs to be a continual improvement in our faith.  We need to be growing spiritually every year, even if it has to be measured in inches and not miles. 

The temptation is to judge ourselves against others.  When we do this, we tend to think, “I am not perfect, but I am better than them.” That type of thinking is never a fair assessment.  They are not in the same place as you in their spiritual journey.  You may be a long-time believer, and they may be new to the faith.  The only way to assess ourselves accurately is by looking back on our journey to see any progress we have made.

I am not perfect, but you have no idea how far I have come in my faith.  I am a hundred miles from where my life once was located.  Inch by inch and mile by mile, I have slowly transitioned myself into a new and better person.  While I am still a long way from where I want to be, I am happy with my progress.

How is your progress going?  If you went back and looked at yourself one year ago, what has changed about you?  What areas have you molded, so they look more like Jesus? I don’t care if you are still a good person compared to others. God desires people who take their personal journey with him seriously each day and every year, one decision at a time.   

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