A Time to Be Thankful

As he writes the story of his life in Ecclesiastes, Solomon says that there is a time for everything under heaven.  Here in the United States, this is the week of Thanksgiving, and tomorrow will be the time set aside for us to be genuinely thankful. 

While I believe we ultimately need to thank God for every good gift in our lives, this is also an excellent time to be thankful for what other people have done for us.  My encouragement is that over the next few days, you say these words to people, “I am thankful for the way you have blessed my life.” You can be specific, or you can leave it open-ended.  Either way, take the time to send the text, make the call, write the email, or sign the card. 

Here is the exciting twist as you show your gratitude, the recipient will be blessed through your appreciation of them.  They will be happy that you noticed their behavior and said something.  It truly is a win-win whenever you take the time to say thanks.  It is great to find a way to be a blessing to others during a year full of uncertainty.  There is no better time to be thankful than the present. 

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