Long List of Possibilities

Over the course of a year, I read and listen to hundreds of ways to improve my life. I have heard how to be a better human, son, husband, brother, father, preacher, employee, neighbor, leader, visionary, boss, and Christian. There is a long list of possible ways to improve over this next year. Honestly, most of them are good advice. I have kept articles, saved notes, and tried to keep track of all the superb instructions I have received.

But here is my encouragement for you: Focus on only 2-4 things to work on this coming year. That is it. You may not be able to improve every area of your life this year, but you can work on a couple of things that will make you a better Christian and a better person.

Last year I focused on two things: People and Positive. I needed to spend more time with people and develop a more positive attitude. That was all I tried to do, and COVID made it a challenge in every area of my life. So, for 2021, I am putting my attention on the same two areas. I am merely adding one more thing to my list: Soul care. This year was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining to me, and I need to take some time to recharge my battery. These are all the things I hope to accomplish in the coming year. Everything else is just an added blessing.

The person who attempts to do 12 things usually does none of them. The longer the list, the more likely you are to quit and usually quit quickly. The more focused your plan, the greater your chance of success. What if this year you tried to do less so that you could accomplish more and one year from now be a better follower of Jesus?

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