To Fight Another Day

Everyone wants to thrive.  We want to be world changers, innovators, change agents, and people who will alter history for good.  We desire to live extraordinary lives that leave an impact on the next generation.  Believers pray, “God use me to make a difference in this world.”

While those are noble desires, we must remember that the Bible sometimes instructs us in simpler ways.   We are called to make disciples of all nations and be witnesses to the ends of the earth in ways that turn the world upside down, but we are also told to stand firm, persevere, hold fast, and never give up.  There are times in our faith when life gets complicated.  Some days, weeks, seasons, and years it is enough to hang on tight to what we believe.  There are times it takes courage to keep swinging our fists as we fight the good fight.  Sometimes it is enough to survive and not thrive.

For some of us, the past year was tough.  The good news is that you are still here and trying to do your best for God.  This could be the year you come back stronger than ever before and change the world.  If not, keep doing the right things and live to fight another day.

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