In Your Corner

During a boxing match, there are a set number of rounds for actual fighting.  The length of each round and the number of them depends on the boxer’s age, weight, and skill level.  Between each one of these, there is a break that is signified by a bell.  At this point, the boxer returns to their assigned corner for rest with their team of coaches. 

Everyone needs people in their corner.  If you are taking a beating and need some encouragement, you need people there to support you. If you are giving a beating, you need someone to keep you focused on the rest of the fight.  If you are in a match that is even, you need someone to point out the places you might improve to achieve victory.  You need someone in your corner to fix your cuts, offer advice, and give you the pep talk you need to go back for another round. 

This is an analogy of life.  We all need someone in our corner.  We need people who will help us with each day in which we struggle.  There are people who we need to encourage, inspire, and instruct us through the battles we face each day. 

Somedays, it is crucial for us to make sure we have someone in our corner.  Other days we need to evaluate the people there to make sure we have the people we truly need.  Every day is an excellent time to ask yourself, who can count on me to be in their corner? 

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