A Life You and I Want

My wife and I have been discussing our plans for vacations in the coming year. I need to make plans now as a preacher in order to secure someone else to come and speak that Sunday. Every time this conversation occurs, it always feels odd because I’m not particularly eager to leave home. Sure, there are a few places I would like to visit, but there is no place I would rather be than where I live right now.

One of the goals has been to build a life that I did not feel the need to escape. My dream has been to surround myself with people who like, support, encourage and enjoy me. I look forward to going home and being there with my family. There is no need for me to be removed from my surroundings to find joy, fun, and laughter.

Through the years, I have noticed that numerous people hate their life and do everything possible to avoid themselves. They look forward to going to work and relish a workaholic lifestyle. Others plan repeated elaborate vacations as a way of separating themselves from their mundane existence. Still, a few feel the urge to drink alcohol, often to excess, because they think it helps them relax and let go of their issues. Given a specific situation, there have even been people who slip into drug abuse, whether illegal or prescription. I see people everywhere who are not comfortable in their own family, home, or possibly their skin.

I am blessed to have the life I want. It is not perfect, but it is wonderful just the same. I do not want to be anyone else, live with anyone else, or go anywhere to make me happy. The biggest reason for this reality is because I am building my life the way I believe God desires. My wife and I seek God’s will through his Word, prayer, and in the community of believers. This gives a right relationship with our work, stuff, friends, and family. Through the years, we have given ourselves to the way of God first and foremost, and the result is a life we never feel like leaving. The great part of following Jesus is that it is a blessing to our world, other people, and it is best for you.

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