An Unexpected Thank You

There are numerous things in my life for which I never thought I would be thankful.  Many experiences that I imagined I would look back upon with remorse have turned into the doorway to a better today and a brighter future.  So I want to take a few lines to write “thank you” to all my unexpected friends on my faith journey. 

Thank you to pain for helping me appreciate the moments of joy.

Thank you to heartbreak for teaching me the value of love.

Thank you to trials for making me stronger.

Thank you to failures for keeping me humble.

Thank you to those who turned their back on me for making me value my real friends.

Thank you to sorrow for instructing me on how to express my emotions.

Thank you to other’s mistakes, which enable me to show compassion and mercy. 

Thank you to the wounds that make me wiser in the future.

Thank you to darkness for opening my eyes to the light.

Thank you to loss for allowing me to treasure the time I have left.

Thank you to sin for showing me God’s amazing grace.

The next time I want to complain, my goal is to stop and see what I am learning and how I am growing through the experience.  Perhaps you will join me in being more thankful, even for the things that are difficult to endure.

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