The Voices in Your Life

When the darkness sets in and you are all alone with just the thoughts in your head, whose voice do you hear? 

Is the voice one of an approving or disapproving parent?  Is it the words of a spouse who loves you or is disappointed in your behavior?  Is it the calming speech of a loving friend or the harsh words of a critic? Whose voice do you hear when you are alone? Do you hear comfort or criticism, encouragement or anger, joy or sadness, or even possibly love?

We all have those voices who speak loudly into our lives.  I think that one of the quests of believers is to make that voice the word of God.  One reason to read your Bible and then return to it repeatedly is to increase the volume of the words above all the others.  When God is the primary voice in your life, then you will hear exactly what you need to hear at just the right time. 

Some days it will sound like a coach pushing you to greatness, and other days like a nurse comforting your pain.  Sometimes phrases will make you uneasy and stretch your thinking, while other passages will remind you of what you already know to be true. 

One goal for all believers is to listen to the right voice and silence the crowds who are not inspiring you to be more like your Savior. 

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