The Devils Tricks

Ravi Zacharias was a friend in my faith.  I first heard him in college, and he strengthened my belief in Jesus.  He helped me build a strong faith with the Bible at its core, reason and logic as a guide, and apologetics as a way of life.  His teaching helped pull me out of some dark moments when my faith wavered.  So when I heard of the possibilities of his moral issues immediately after his death, I dismissed it.  Over the next year, a team of people researched the accusations, and recently the findings were released, and it was devastating.  The report tells of moral compromise, bullying, manipulation, lies, deceit, and sin – all hidden just beyond the camera’s view. 

I listened to a trusted speaker on the issue, and he made a passing statement that I will not soon forget.  He said something like this, “The devil is not creative; he keeps using the same old tricks.” Then he mentioned others who have fallen to the same temptations over the past couple of years.  In fact, all fallen Christian leaders are seduced by one of three things: sex, money, and power. 

Satan wants to see all Christians sin and separate themselves from God, especially its leaders.  One might think he would use incredibly creative tactics to seduce these people into their failure.  His tools may now include phones and computers, but the temptations are not any different.  He comes and appeals to our sense of pleasure, possessions, and power.

My guess is that your life is under attack in one of these areas too.  He places the bait on the pedal of the trap and waits.  Sooner or later, we will compromise and reach for that thing we cannot resist because of our heart’s desires.  Satan placed the bait in front of Ravi, and apparently, he could not resist no matter how well educated he was in God’s word.  He ignored the warnings and went for the same old bait, and soon he was caught in the trap that involved lies, manipulation, and deceit to cover up the first sin. 

Recently I have been reflecting on Ravi’s fall into sin.  I am saddened for his wife and family.  I am angry that another believer embarrassed the name of Jesus.  I am reminded that if someone like that is not immune.  Then stand guard, lest I fall too … and the same goes for you. 

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