Moments When Eternity Matters

There are two moments when eternity matters to every single human being. 

First is when we lose someone whom we love.  When a close relative or friend dies, it leaves us with the major question of, “Where are they now?” At this point, most people assume that heaven is real and their relative is there, no matter what they believed or how they lived.  But deep down inside our soul, the question of “where” persists no matter how strong we might appear.

The second moment is when you are facing death yourself.  When you reach the final years or possibly months or weeks of your life, the questions about eternity seem very applicable.  What will happen after you die?  Should you go forward with fear or faith?

Our thoughts about heaven revolve around death and the pain that comes with it.  At these moments, even the strictest atheist must think about eternal issues.  The first question about the afterlife of others comes when we see their body when we see the coffin close or watch the casket lowered into the ground.  It hurts not knowing where this beloved soul has gone once they left their body.  We imagine magnificent places with family and fun. 

The second one leaves all the questions for those left behind.  Our passing will answer all our questions, and we will know with certainty what happens next as we move into it.  Since we do not know when our final day might come, why not care about eternity now so that no one who loves us is left guessing at our funeral. 

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