My New Lenses

Twelve years ago, I was assigned to a life with glasses.  Every year since then, I have required a stronger prescription.  This past year I began noticing my need around Christmas when I grabbed my Bible to read it during my sermon, it was hard to focus, and I kept losing my place because everything was blurry. 

The trouble with failing vision is that there is nothing I can do it fix it on my own.  I need help to see clearly again.  So I made my trip to the optometrist, and he used all his machines to run tests, check options and make the final diagnosis.  Time had clouded my vision, and a new set of lenses would make everything clear again.  Once they were installed, suddenly everything was restored.  His work was finished, I was happy, and life quickly returned to normal until this time next year when I will be back in his office once again. 

This experience has me thinking about my spiritual lenses.  With time it is easy for issues within us to get blurry.  We lose sight of how things could be and settle into how things are.  There is this drift into lower expectations and compromised goals.  Occasionally we need someone to help us regain what we have lost.  We require encounters like a visit with a mature Christian who can help us feel inspired.  Perhaps an appointment with a pastor or paid counselor is in order.  Maybe we need to sit down with an old friend and recapture the fire that once burned bright in our eyes. 

My guess is that some of you have given up on your God-inspired hopes and dreams.  These could be from long ago or might be from a couple of months ago as we came into the new year. Once you dreamed of a closer walk with God, and now you have quit trying.  There was a time you wanted to make a difference, and now you are only trying to make it through the day. You once had a clear direction for your life, and now things are clouded.

I am so glad the doctor was able to restore what was lost.  It took some effort to make things right again, but it was well worth it. Nothing may have changed to the outside world, but for me, everything looks so much better.

When we are left alone, we drift toward decay.  This is true with our bodies and our souls.  One step to help us improve is to consult with someone who can give us the help we need.  My eyes required it, and our souls need it too.  Maybe it is time to get checked out so that everything will be clear inside of you once again. 

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