Advice No One Asked For

I give an enormous amount of advice on life and faith. I share my thoughts in blogs, podcasts, and sermons both daily and weekly.  The topics range from being a better spouse to a better parent to simply a better Christian.  Each piece of information is shared after reflection, prayer, and some editing to make sure it sounds understandable and applicable.

The funny part of this story is no one asked me to do it.  I do not receive emails begging for my advice.  No one catches me at the store and says, “Please post something about this topic.” Most of the tips I provide are entirely unsolicited. 

Then why do it?

My answer is that God has laid it on my heart to help others, even if it is just one person.  When I pray, God seems always to point me back to this idea of sharing what I know and have experienced.  This has been reaffirmed through repeated comments, regular opportunities, and the joy I receive from doing it.  I am not concerned if millions admire my work; the hope is that one person will learn something to do to help them on their journey with God. 

My question for you is, “What is God laying on your heart to do for his kingdom?” This may just be a notion in the back of your mind, a repeated question from a friend, or an observation of a ministry that needs to be done.  One pushback that most people encounter is, “Yeah, but no one is really asking me to do it.” My response is, “Who cares?” If you feel God is leading you to do some work for his kingdom, you do not need an invitation. You only need to possess the willingness to try. 

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