Reclaiming Kindness

Many times, I think Covid made people less kind. 

We quit smiling behind the masks because no one sees, and now our smile is gone.  We learned to social distance, and now we are afraid to get physically close enough to offer an occasional hug.  We moved behind our screens and have lost the art of common courtesy when we are around other people.  Our connection to others was reduced to social media, and our comments have become calloused and argumentative.   

I recently interacted with some people I thought had a kind heart, and it seemed lost or at least dulled from lack of use. 

One of the byproducts in the life of a believer is that they are kind.  They treat others with respect, speak nicely, and are a pleasure to be around.  I hope that as we come out of this pandemic, we are not distant and angry.  Make this week an opportunity to reclaim kindness in all your encounters.  It will take some effort as our habits changed over the year, but it will be a simple way to show Jesus to those closest to you. 

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