A Christian Memory Bank

One of the projects that a follower of Jesus must do on their faith journey is to build a Christian memory bank.  They need to do things that fill their mind with the promises and power of God.

Part of that project is increasing our knowledge of God’s word.  That will include passages we read that immediately apply to our lives.  The Apostle Paul’s final chapters in each of his letters are filled with statements for men and women to use right after reading.  This work will also include putting concepts in your long-term memory.  Reading through the Old Testament gives an extensive overview of how God worked over thousands of years.  Those who were faithful to God give us numerous lessons on faith, but they may not be topics that touch our lives at this moment.  We put them in our memory bank, and one day, when we are feeling down and discouraged or prideful and overly self-confident, we pull out those stories to keep us grounded in God.  One day we will need every part of the truth revealed in his word, even if it is not today.

The other part of increasing your memory bank is filling our minds with the stories of God working in our lives presently.  I encourage people to have a journal, a book of thanksgiving, or a notebook of prayer requests, along with the answers received.  Occasionally we need to sit down and mentally go through all the ways we have seen God work.  That way, when the money gets tight, we have a story of a time God provided.  Maybe when we are feeling down, we can be reminded of a season that faith brought us great joy. 

It is essential to have your mind filled with the knowledge of God’s working to last in faith over a lifetime.  The journey is too hard with too many pitfalls for you to make it through without more than a few lines of information to carry you.  We each need to dig deep into the scriptures to see the unseen work of God.  We also need the ability to recall those stories that we lose when the darkness is overwhelming. 

My question for today is, “What are your doing to increase your Christian memories?” If you are not doing anything, I know that you will not last long in the faith.  If you keep adding to your account, you will have enough faith to withdraw throughout a lifetime. 

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