The Nullifying Word

The words “Thank you” are like precious gold.  The term “sorry” fixes a broken relationship.  The response of “you are forgiven” can bring healing to the people. “I love you” is the most significant phrase in the English language. 

All of us must understand that those words can get nullified by one little three-letter word.  BUT

“Thank you, but …

“I am sorry, but …” 

“You are forgiven, but …”

“I love you, but …”

Suddenly the words that could have brought health and healing are lost by one simple addition.  Without that word, those statements are powerful, potentially life-changing.  With that word, they become ways to complain further or try and correct someone’s behavior. 

One of the most significant ways to improve your life and relationships is eliminating the word, but, from your sentences. 

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