It’s Not About You

Our primary concern in the world is ourselves.  Even Jesus affirms this when he says that we are to love others “as we love ourselves.”

The result is that we like to meet our needs, serve our self-interests, and talk about ourselves. We are at the center of our concern, and it bubbles into every relationship. 

Unfortunately, that is the path to loneliness, isolation, and despair. The more we are focused on ourselves, the fewer people want to be around us.  All of us know that one person who fills us with dread when they contact us because it will be all about them.  We know they will suck the life out of us primarily because they are so self-centered. 

Faith in Jesus is an “other’s focused” religion.  We love God, AND we love others as we love ourselves.  Christians elevate the people around them above themselves in every way. 

If I spent one day with you, what would I see and hear?  Do all your conversations focus on you and your needs?  Would I see a person who asks other people about their lives?   Do you elevate people with your deeds and actions?  Are you always the one who goes first and gets the best?   When you do a good deed, do you make sure other people notice your participation?  

One of the most brutal battles faith wages in your life is with self-centeredness.  How would your life be different if you said to yourself in every encounter, “Remind me, Jesus, that it is not all about me.”

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